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Is your home or business's roof in good condition? For those outside of the industry, it can be difficult to tell—especially when you're unable or unwilling to hunt down signs of trouble. There are many different symptoms that point to roof trouble—however, without help from an experienced roof inspector, detecting these symptoms may be impossible.

Stay in the loop with regular roof inspections in Clermont, FL, handled by PROFORMANCE ROOFING. We arrive at your home or business with all of the tools we need to catch problems early on—before they develop into costly disasters. In addition to catching trouble before it has the chance to wreak havoc on your property, we provide professional recommendations as to what your next steps should be.

What is a Roof Inspection?

Many homeowners and business owners are unfamiliar with the way their roofs work. This is because, for the most part, roofs are quite sturdy and long-lasting. However, when trouble occurs, spotting the source of the problem can be quite challenging.

That's why it makes sense to bring in an experienced roof inspection company—one that has the skills needed to detect early signs of trouble.

Contractor Inspecting Roof in Clermont, FL

What You Can Expect

During roof inspections, our contractors examine many different parts of your roof. We search for common and uncommon issues, such as loose shingles and tiles, sagging, and sometimes even holes. Then, using our findings, we'll recommend repair and sometimes replacement. Depending on the roof we inspect, we may advise different courses of action. Read on to learn more about the differences between residential and commercial roof inspections.

Residential Roof Inspection: As a homeowner, you naturally care about your property's value and appearance. Your home's roof plays a large role in both of these factors—that's why it's in your best interest to stay on top of its condition with regular inspections. Our contractors have the experience needed to detect, diagnose, and treat many different problems that crop up in residential roofs over the years.

Commercial Roof Inspection: Commercial roofs face plenty of the same problems as residential roofs. They must endure weather, as well as the occasional critter invasion; however, commercial roofs require specialized services. This is because the presence of contractors on a commercial property can disrupt employees' work, as well as customers in the process of shopping. That's why our roof inspectors take care to minimize their presence in your building.

Contact our team to schedule comprehensive roof inspections at your home or business. We proudly serve residential and commercial clients in Clermont, Winter Garden, Orlando, Apopka, and Ocoee, FL.

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